There are many ways to travel..

…Adventure around each corner, hiking through wilderness trails, traversing great bodies of water… all good…but sometimes its Hawaii and its laid back fun in the sun.

…plus the Aloha spirit calls along with a few Mai Tai’s and the occasional Shave ice ( never call it Shaved! Ever)

Beautiful Maui for 7 fun filled days with Eric, Erin, Jacks age 4.5 and Harris almost 11 months. Giggles and water slides and learning card games with Papa were daily activities. Watching turtles swim in the surf reminded us of Disneys Moana but in real life!

Learning how to Hula and feeding the neighborhood Koi is always fun.

This time with our family is always a cherished week carved out by our kids in their busy schedule and we are so blessed to be part of it. Meghan, Ben and Riley were unable to join us ( to close to last months surgery) but will next year and ohhh what a crowd of wee ones we will have together! Aloha!


Week 2 with our good friends arriving and kids departing meant a whole lot of thankfulness for fabulous retirement schedule and zero need to get home. Relaxing fun for next week was heavenly. There was even a bagpiper to celebrate the setting sun at Mick Fleetwoods restaurant !


That time last week when husband asked “Where do you want to go for our Anniversary dinner”

…so I said “Oohhhh, I have an idea!”and he said ” Great Idea.. let’s do it!”

So for one of the very rare moments in our long, loving and traveling union.. we were spontaneous.

First, I cannot say enough about Hawaiian Airlines. The moment you step on plane, you are in the Islands. On a 5 hour flight it really works. Any extra Aloha you can grab is worth it.

A Weekend in Hawaii at the Four Seasons Ko Olina.

This beautiful resort is tucked inside a cove that has a breakwater that creates a pure white sandy beach beyond compare. Seriously the most perfect beach I have been to. Yes, That is a floating cocktail bar! #fsoahu

The resort itself is underwent a 60 million dollar renovation, it does not disappoint.

Our Darling kids lei’d us with fragrant floral wedding flowers upon check in. The Four Seasons is a wedding destination and watching a beautiful beachside wedding is a great way to reminisce about our own nuptials.. just a short time ago it seems.

Aloha means both hello and goodbye

A pretty perfect week with our darlings Meghan and Ben with sweet babytb Vicchio! Clear skies and warm sand plus a phone app that enables frosty adult beverages to be delivered directly to our chairs.. helped create a lovely relaxing week of Aloha. We are already hotly anticipating our 2018 family Maui trip ( already booked) with 6 adults and THREE kiddos! Enjoy the quiet bliss while you can. Aloooo ha!


Maui 2017 Aloha blessings

We arrived to our beautiful Island yesterday and are settling in quite nicely. Each trip to Hawaii brings special moments and memories for our family. In the 80’s Coming as a couple on vacation, company events in the 90’s, traveling with friends a few times but most of all,our    True and cherished times will always be here with our girls. From teenagers lounging under plumeria trees and complaining about dropping blossoms to  young women bringing boyfriends along, to grown women with fabulous husbands we are wrapped up in the joyful “reconnecting Aloha” only a family vacation can bring.

 When Brian and I decided that Maui was a yearly must do ( 16 years ago) and bought these three Ocean front weeks at Westin Villas in Kaanapali , we joked that “someday maybe grandkids!”. Life is so sweet and true. We are missing Erin, Eric and Jacks this year because of pending ANYDAY new baby arrival. Erin is under strict conditions not to have baby until our arrival home April 1 ( she is due on 13th) and since they traveled to Disney Hawaii resort in January on Babymoon, we are not feeling too bad . We are also celebrating here with Meghan and Ben ! We found out just yesterday as they emerged off of plane from Scottsdale .. the gender of their new September grand baby ! They both wore pink and blue leis and greeted Brian and I by putting correct  lei on us ! No telling yet.. they will reveal soon…we are overjoyed with their news. One extraordinary and most beloved Jacks plus Two new grandBabies in 2017.. and a condo or two full of grandbabies next year. Almost like Brian and planned it!! Haha.

Brian’s retirement happens in a few weeks so even more celebrations ahead. We have so much to thank God for and so many blessings in this life. 

As we flew in, gate was not ready so pilot took us on a lower flyover around Haleakala and Hana. Areas unseen unless in air. Note the centuries old lava flows. A beautiful welcome to our Island.