Mendocino County, California #ApplelyEverAfter

A perfectly lovely weekend drive up the coast with great friends…to a picture perfect wedding of the son of more great friends….in a storybook Apple Orchard . Congrats Mike and Olivia Reis…and proud parents.

The Toll House Inn in Booneville. Our two night home away from home. Whole house is rentable…no tvs…but loads of board games and well located.

The views, wineries, micro breweries and peaceful locations in this beautiful Anderson Valley are extrordinary. We had never been here in the many years we have lived in Northern California. Near Ukiah California

Area is flush with fun things to see and do.

Wonderful friends…and mother of groom glowing on wedding day.

La Jolla, California

We so rarely get to Southern California and considering its a mere hop, skip and jump from home, it truly befuddles me as to why.This weekend was all about Love at the Beach as the daughter of good friends tied the knot overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean. As the wedding was Sunday night we took full advantage and flew in Friday afternoon and out on Monday.

Stayed at the very historic and remarable La Valencia Hotel ( AKA THE HOT PINK)in downtown La Jolla. Hotel is celebrating 90 years full of kings, movie stars and common folks. Its a must stay in town.

Saturday was great as the brides family hosted 100 plus guests to the San Diego Zoo along with lunch at the Treetops Restaurant and bus tour. The day long pass allowed us to stay as long as we wished and see as much as we could. Temperate climate in late September but still warm.

Great fun. Sunday was relaxing and wedding was perfection as sun drifted into the sea.

Beautiful couple surrounded by loving family and friends. A perfect start to many happy years.