Montreal’s 375 & Canada’s 150

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of Canada’s birth and many celebrations are happening across our beautiful country. Another great reason for us to travel (almost) coast to coast.

All the Canadian National Parks are free to public this year as well as festivals everywhere!

Our hometown of Montreal is also celebrating as this fabulous city turns 375 years! A tad older than California.

We arrived and had dinner with great friends in Pointe Claire, Steve and Gayle Ryan then drove across the Island of Montreal to Brossard and a stay with Brian’s parents Bob and Irene.

So many memories of growing up on West Island. Lots has changed but much remains. Since Brian and I went to high school together, our memories are all mostly shared and reminiscing is fun and sometimes at odds!

( Brian, Bob and Irene)

So wonderful to start this trip visiting my beautiful mom in Vancouver 

( my mum Val King and Ginny)

and end it with my lovely Inlaws in our hometown just as Spring arrives. Brian and his mom are yelling and screaming at TV  ( as I write this) in next room as they watch the first game of Stanley Cup Hockey Finals. All is right with world!

We were able to spend time with Brian’s cousins here, my nephews and their beautiful young families , my sister and her husband in BC and explore the Rockies, Banff and Lake Louise. 

Truly a  wonderful trip and we remain very thankful to all who helped make it so wonderful. If you have not experienced Canada, it’s cultures, vistas and people maybe 

this is your year as well!

Author: taloola

Travel, laugh, repeat

2 thoughts on “Montreal’s 375 & Canada’s 150”

  1. Everyone looks so well. Montreal is a fabulous city. So much great food and the summer is filled with festivals. Vacations filled with family and old friends…nothing better. 🇨🇦

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