Vancouver to Banff via The Rocky Mountaineer!

We are blessed with perfect , warm weather as we leave the Vancouver Fairmont early May 22 and board this gorgeous luxury train. Considered and rated as the best train experience in all North America it was all it said it would be. Gold Leaf service level gets you a dedicated comfy seat for duration of trip in the domed car and all the fun that a great group of fellow travelers bring. We met lovely couples from Scotland, Texas, Ohio, Georgia .. but none from Canada although we were told East coasters sometimes do appear. Such a shame as I very much doubt there is a more Canadian experience that riding the rails through arguably the most beautiful part of Canada.. the magnificent Rocky Mountains. 

Truly an experience not to miss. From the incredible staff , spotlessly clean train plus the gourmet meals and outdoor viewing and photography area on each car’s really  so well thought through with no detail missed.

We are now relaxing in Banff after a scotch or two . This Castle in the clouds was built in the 1880s by Cornelius Van Horne for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Now a Fairmont hotel is still boggles the mind in grandeur, history and luxury. We feel we are are on a Grand Tour of old. 

Heritage Room 479 details

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5 thoughts on “Vancouver to Banff via The Rocky Mountaineer!”

  1. I think your old stomping ground was around Chilliwack .. as train slowly rumbled through these farmlands, I remembered the catalog and the auction of your folks livestock. How hard and brave that must have been . It’s such a beautiful area and you were so blessed to have grown up there. I seem to remember you had a painting or photograph of the view from your childhood bedroom window. Understandable.. so beautiful.


  2. I was so hoping you are blogging while on the Rocky Mountaineer. It travels through a truly gorgeous part of Canada. Those mountain passes were well traveled in our Calgary days. Their splendor has not diminished. Enjoy!


  3. AFter working the dinning car for 4 years am hoping you had GREAT SERVICE !! Haha!! The views totally spectacular. Why everyone runs to Europe when we have these sites is beyond me !! Enjoy your trip-well deserved guys !! SEESTA xx


  4. Hi Barb and Brian,
    Your pictures are spectacular ( especially Brian’s big smile). Thanks for including us, wish we were there. Lovely to see you both in Vancouver as we always so enjoy your company and look forward to our next visit. Enjoy! Life is so good.
    Michael and Debra.

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